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Reichel Road

Much of my time painting over the last year has been dedicated to a work taken from a photograph from my grandmother’s photo album. Its a scene from the farm my great grand father purchased in Wisconsin in the early 1900’s. After many year so many family members resided on the same road that the city eventually named the road, Reichel Rd after my family.  This painting has been in process for what seems like forever, there is clean up work still needed but it is, at long last nearly finished. Its titled Reichel Road, while the original structures are no longer standing the land is still owned by family members and the street name remains unchanged.

Let me also note that painting a child that doesn’t look creepy was a challenge.






Man in the Moon


I started this painting ages ago but was never happy with it. I picked it back up a couple days ago and finally finished it. My grandchildren would be thrilled with the amount of finger painting that went into the final edits. Its title is Man in the Moon because in creating the moon I accidentally ended up with a face…which I decided to keep.


This work was made possible by a grant from the Five Wings Art Council with funds from the McKnight Foundation.

SOLD- Royalton Grain Elevator


I love old abandoned buildings. This one is in Royalton, Minnesota, a city I lived in for 7 years. After I started painting I photographed it knowing one day I would use it as the subject but I was stumped as to its execution. I didn’t want to do a traditional landscape. I decided to play with the scale of the building contrasted by the scale of the canvas to make it feel modern.

This painting is 36x12x 1, gallery canvas. The work has been protected with high gloss varnish. Edges are finished and hardware is installed for easy use. All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.