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Sold – Dimensionality in Compilation

6×12 oil on canvas



I have a box of canvases that are paintings that I started but never finished. Every so often I like to go back to this box and revisit the forgotten “bones” of a previous work to see where a fresh perspective might take it. Here are a couple that I completed this week and uploaded to Fine Art America so they could be converted into textiles or larger, framed reprints.

Chalk Cat’s Companion

I agreed to do a commission painting to recreate Chalk Cat, which was already sold. I knew the biggest challenge would be getting the values and colors right so instead of throwing paint around to see what achieved the desired results I decided to begin with a companion piece to use for experimenting and any mucking about I required. The companion is the same composition only a slightly older girl.  I am only 24 hours into my work so it doesn’t look like much yet, but I can already see how it is going to come together. While Chalk Cat is a 24×36 canvas I decided to paint the girl on a 48×24 canvas. Instead of drawing a cat I think she’s going to be doing physics;)

More Spills


I’ve been working on a coupled of very, very large oil paintings over the last several months. While these works have been in process I’ve created a series of abstract paintings in acrylic. The resulting work always lends itself to beautiful prints and textiles.

Originals may be purchased directly or through Vango.
Textiles and prints are available though our “Spills” collection on Fine Art America.